Having your car, motorcycle, or scooter stolen is the nightmare of every owner. When this happens, victims often wonder what they could have done to better secure their property. At Invoxia, we believe that prevention is better than cure! That’s why we’ve gathered the best tips for effectively protecting your vehicle from theft. Discover them now:

Ensuring that your environment is as safe as possible

It may seem obvious: it is essential not to leave anything lying around in your car that could be visible from the outside. There’s nothing like a bag, a GPS, or any other object that’s prominently displayed to tempt ill-intentioned people. It is therefore strongly recommended to place everything in your trunk beforehand.

A secure parking space will also optimize the protection of your vehicle. If you own a motorcycle, attaching it to a fixed point can be a good idea. Even better: if you have the opportunity, park your car or two-wheeler in a private parking lot, with nearby video surveillance. Indeed, more than half of the recorded thefts take place on public roads, while 73% of them are committed at night.

Wherever you park your vehicle, several solutions exist to optimize its protection. Starting with the Invoxia GPS Tracker.

The Invoxia GPS Tracker

Equipping your vehicle with the Invoxia GPS Tracker guarantees significant additional security for your vehicle. The tracker will send you an alert notification if its inclination changes or if it detects suspicious movements. You will thus be informed as soon as possible of a potential theft attempt. In case of theft, the tracker will indicate where your property is located. It will also provide essential information to law enforcement during their searches.

Its compact size allows you to easily hide it in your vehicle. Its long-lasting battery (up to 6 months depending on usage) will ensure continuous protection. To top it off, the GPS Tracker cannot be jammed. It uses specific low-power networks to operate, which limits this risk. Other tools are available to protect your vehicle from theft, whether it is a two- or four-wheeled vehicle, several tricks exist to minimize the risks of theft and keep your mind at ease.

For a car, for example, installing an anti-theft alarm and a steering wheel lock is an effective solution to reinforce its protection. For a motorcycle, adding a disc lock that attaches to the front brake disc is also recommended. Your insurer will tell you which model is best suited for your two-wheeler. The use of a U-lock represents the best form of protection. Its presence will discourage many thieves who focus their efforts, in the vast majority of cases, on poorly protected vehicles.

An experienced thief takes an average of 30 seconds to achieve his goal. The best way to ensure the safety of your vehicle is therefore to combine all the tricks mentioned above, depending on whether you own a car or a motorcycle. Better safe than sorry!

If the worst were to happen, find out what steps to take if your vehicle is stolen. And to reassure you, discover all the testimonials from our users who were able to recover their stolen vehicles and/or equipment thanks to their GPS trackers.



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