Have you recently purchased a GPS tracker and are wondering where would be the best place to hide it? We would like to provide you with a small, open-ended list of places where you can place your GPS tracker to ensure that your belongings are well protected when you are on the move.

Securing your vehicle (motorbike, car…)

In France, 2-wheeled vehicles are stolen every 10 minutes. In order to keep an eye on your motorcycle or scooter, getting a GPS tracker seems like an inevitable solution nowadays. Given the limited number of places to hide it, the underside of the seat seems to be the best place for a geolocation device. The top-cases too, but as they are removable, they can’t guarantee maximum safety.

In a car, your first option would be the glove compartment. But keep in mind that for your GPS tracker to be effective, it shouldn’t easily be found! You can also place it under a seat, a floor mat, or in your trunk. If you’re feeling up to it, the interior of the dashboard, the spot where you keep your spare tire, the seats, and even plastic cavities such as headlights can also be an option. Easy to reach places should be considered for recharging the tracker, so don’t go for the chassis or the frame.

As for you fans of extreme sports, it is also possible to secure your quad, motocross, or any other type of two-wheeler.

Keep your GPS tracker with you at all times

Measuring less than 10 cm, contained inside a bag, the Invoxia GPS tracker is designed to secure your personal and professional belongings, such as your tablet, laptop, or important papers. To keep it from getting in the way, try placing it in the zippered side pockets or lining.

When traveling in the United States, always know where your suitcase is thanks to a GPS tracker. During domestic flights or bus and train rides, that stress of not being able to find your suitcase is a thing of the past. Just like in a bag, opt for interior storage or lining with a zipper.

If you are comfortable sewing, you can also add an extra pocket, adapted to the tracker size. In any case, don’t forget to leave an opening so that you can recharge it when you need to.

Insure your work equipment

If your work involves transporting expensive equipment, such as instruments, computers, event equipment, or other forms of equipment, a GPS tracker can help protect them from theft. To do so, place the tracker in protective covers or other discreet and accessible places.

Protect your loved ones

As a parent, you cherish your child more than anything in the world. You can benefit from more peace of mind whenever they come home from school or from an after school activity by slipping the Invoxia GPS tracker inside their bag’s interior pockets or in the lining of their coat.

If they’ll be going far away for vacation without you the tracker will prevent any unnecessary stress. Also, if your child has the tendency to lose his or her things, a GPS tracker will make anxiety attacks a thing of the past!

As you can see, the most important thing when choosing where to place your GPS tracker is to make sure that it remains invisible to an ill-intentioned person.

And if you are looking for concrete examples of use of the Invoxia GPS Tracker, discover our users’ testimonials!



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