For this Easter Weekend, Invoxia invites you to take part in a special game to win 3 additional months of subscription for your favorite Invoxia GPS Tracker. What’s it all about? Keep reading to find out!

Invoxia’s Chocolate Easter Bunny is waiting to give you 3 free months of subscription for your Invoxia GPS Tracker…. But you’ll have to find him first!

How the game works

Somewhere between a sprint and a treasure hunt, we hope you’ll have a bit of fun as you seek your prize… the egg you’re looking for is actually a chocolate bunny!

This chocolaty bunny has run away from us and is hiding somewhere on our blog. It’s up to you to find him as fast as possible! Once found, send us a screenshot of the Bunny and his secret message by email or via social media. The 10 fastest detectives will see 3 additional months added to their Invoxia GPS subscription.

The rules of the game

1 – Hunt through the Invoxia Blog in search of the Invoxia Chocolate Bunny

2 – If you find him, take a screenshot including the secret message.

3 – Send us the photo via email, or via Direct Message on Facebook or Instagram Europe / Instagram US. (In your message, don’t forget to include the email address your Invoxia account is linked to!)

4. If you’re one of the first 10 players to send us the photo of the Invoxia Chocolate Bunny, you’ve won 3 months of subscription!

5. This game runs from 8am-5pm (UTC) / 10am-7pm (CET) Friday, 2 April 2021.

6. We’ll let you know if you’ve won directly via email on Tuesday the 6th of April!

A hint to get you started: At Easter the Chocolate Easter Bunny loves to hide…but he needs a little inspiration.

Good luck!



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