Are you the owner of a two-wheeler? Have you just purchased a tracker for your motorcycle or are you planning to acquire one very soon? While it can be useful for tracking your movements during rides, the GPS tracker is especially the ideal accessory for fighting against motorcycle theft. And this is even more so as some geolocation devices, like Invoxia trackers, are becoming increasingly small, discreet, and autonomous! However, like many motorcyclists, you may be wondering where to place your tracker on your motorcycle? Discover how to properly hide your tracker on your vehicle!

Why is it interesting to use a tracker with your motorcycle?

Vehicle thefts are not decreasing in France. In fact, in 2021, more than 122,700 cars and motorcycles were stolen in the country. But what you probably don’t know is that motorcycles and scooters are particularly affected. This is what we see when we look at the theft rate:

  • Cars: 2.3 thefts per 1000 vehicles.
  • Motorcycles: 53 thefts per 1000 vehicles.
  • Scooters: 63 thefts per 1000 vehicles.

As for cars, the most stolen models include:

  • City cars like the Renault Clio 4, the Peugeot 208 or the Mégane 4.
  • Sedans like the Toyota Prius, the Renault Mégane RS or the DS 3.
  • SUVs like the DS 7 Crossback, the Peugeot 3008 and the Toyota C-HR.

And for motorcycles:

  • The Honda 750 X-ADV;
  • The Honda 125 PCX;
  • The BMW 1250 GS and 1250 GS Adventure models;
  • The Yamaha 530 and 560 T-MAX models;
  • The Yamaha MT-07 Tracer;
  • The Piaggio 125 Liberty;
  • The Yamaha Tracer 900 GT;
  • The Honda 125 Forza;
  • The Honda 1000 and 1100 AFRICA-TWIN models;
  • The KTM 125 Duke.

Motorcycle owners must therefore be attentive to ensure the safety of their vehicles. That is why it is strongly recommended that motorcyclists use one or more technical means to reduce the risk of theft. Among the best known are:

  • 11-point marking with numbered engraving;
  • installation of a sound alarm;
  • attaching the motorcycle to a fixed point;
  • using several anti-theft devices simultaneously (chains, U-locks, disc locks, etc.).

These accessories are effective in protecting against criminals, as they must have equipment to steal your motorcycle. However, they do not always deter the most experienced and/or professional network thieves. And once your motorcycle is stolen, finding it quickly can be complicated despite the efforts of law enforcement.

By installing a tracker on your motorcycle, you will be able to optimize your chances of preventing theft. Once hidden on your bike, your tracker will be able to give you the exact location of your vehicle. You can then share these GPS positions with the police. In addition to the fact that the presence of your GPS tracker facilitates their work, it also allows for faster action: some models, like the Invoxia GPS Tracker, alert you in real time as soon as they detect suspicious movement. You can then act without waiting and try to prevent theft!

But for it to be effective, you need to know where to place your tracker on your motorcycle! That’s what we’re going to see right now…

Hiding a GPS tracker on a motorcycle: places to avoid

Did you know that there are certain areas to avoid when looking for where to place a tracker on a motorcycle? If not, read on to avoid some mistakes that could cost you dearly!

First of all, prohibit all locations that tend to heat up strongly when your two-wheeler is on the road. On a motorcycle, we will mainly focus on the engine area as well as the exhaust pipe. Depending on your use, the former can reach temperatures of around 90°C. However, most geolocation devices are designed to withstand temperatures of around a maximum of 70°C. Therefore, abnormal overheating of your tracker could cause malfunctions and/or reduce the lifespan of your accessory.

As you know, two-wheelers, like motorcycles, are vehicles that are very exposed to bad weather. We therefore recommend that you prioritize:

The tracker you purchased is not waterproof? If you don’t have suitable protection, avoid all places that can expose your accessory to water and humidity, such as wheel wells. Not sure about the IP certification of your tracker? In this case, slide your tracker into a hermetic and waterproof pouch before placing it on your motorcycle. You will ride with peace of mind without worrying about the weather.

Finally, always position your tracker in an area without metal to avoid the Faraday cage principle. For example, we recommend avoiding the space near the tank of your motorcycle and not sliding it into a metal box. This will limit interference and allow your GPS tag to properly emit its location signals.

Where to place a tracker on a motorcycle: preferred locations

Some rules to consider before placing a GPS tracker on your motorcycle

  • Discretion: a visible tracker at first glance will be useless to protect your vehicle. Indeed, the thief will remove it in one gesture as soon as he sees it, leaving you without means to geo-locate your motorcycle. So be sure to choose a good hiding place, but also to opt for a tracker size that is suitable (such as the Invoxia GPS Tracker or the Mini Tracker, with very practical reduced dimensions!).
  • Accessibility: the location of your tracker should be sufficiently accessible to allow you to manipulate your beacon. Indeed, if you have to spend long hours removing your tracker, you may postpone charging your beacon until the next day (at the risk of having no battery in case of emergency!). However, for a tracker to be useful in case of theft, it must be sufficiently charged. To avoid any inconvenience, consider favoring models with high autonomy such as the Invoxia GPS tracker.

And, our tracker can accompany you for up to six months depending on your usage! A record in the world of GPS trackers!

  • The operating mode: some GPS tags connect directly to the power supply of your motorcycle. These will save you the manipulations necessary for recharging, but will only work when the engine of your motorcycle is started. However, it should be noted that a thief can easily disconnect it by equipping himself with a few tools (which will then make it immediately obsolete). A GPS tracker with a battery, on the other hand, will geo-locate your two-wheeler at any time, whether it is stationary or on the road.

The best places to hide a GPS tracker on a motorcycle

Wondering where to place a tracker on a motorcycle? It is true that the structure of our two-wheelers seems to offer fewer possibilities than that of cars! If you are lacking inspiration, here are the places we recommend for installing your tracker:

  • Under the seat of your motorcycle;
  • In the removable top case (be careful, the thief may be able to remove the top case, but in this case the owner will be notified in case of theft and will be able to locate their top case);
  • Under the chassis;
  • Under the fairings;
  • In the storage compartment of the scooter.

To find the best hiding place, take the time to observe your two-wheeler from all angles. You can judge the discretion of the chosen location and/or identify a more judicious area. In any case, remember to properly secure your tracker with fasteners to prevent it from moving. Don’t know how to do it or what to buy to attach your device? The Invoxia tracker pouch includes a fastening system to easily attach your tracker to or inside your motorcycle!

How does the Invoxia GPS tracker work for scooters or motorcycles?

Network and technology side

The technologies used to operate GPS trackers vary depending on the models. Some tags work thanks to a SIM card inserted inside the tracker and the GSM network. The Invoxia tracker is a geolocation device without a SIM card. It relies on low-speed LoRa or Sigfox networks to communicate its data and help you find your motorcycle or scooter. This technological choice has two advantages:

  1. Increase autonomy (up to six months for the Invoxia GPS tracker). In general, GSM trackers have an autonomy ranging from 24 hours to 1 week. This multiplies the chances of you running out of battery in case of theft, making the tracker ineffective. With Invoxia trackers, this risk is minimized to offer you optimal protection at the fairest price.
  2. Benefit from 3 years of included subscription, then from a particularly attractive annual rate (starting from €9.90/year). And this, without compromising on the quality of geolocation!

On the operation and alerts

The Invoxia tracker is designed to provide you with much more than just GPS positions. Indeed, with the Invoxia GPS smartphone application, you will be able to set up many alerts that will be very practical in everyday life. You will appreciate, for example:

  • GPS position tracking that will indicate the location of your two-wheeler every three, five, or ten minutes as soon as it is in motion.
  • Real-time anti-theft alert that will immediately alert you in case of attempted theft or suspicious movement of your motorcycle.
  • Alert in case of tilting of your two-wheeler.
  • Entry and/or exit zone alert that will send you a notification if your motorcycle leaves one of the geographic zones predefined by you.
  • The proximity radar that will help you locate your two-wheeler in the last meters thanks to a hot/cold radar system and the activation of a sound signal.

Is it legal to put a GPS tracker on your motorcycle?

Installing a GPS tracker on your personal motorcycle is completely legal. However, it is strictly forbidden to place a geolocation device on someone else’s vehicle without their permission. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, a spouse or partner, you must always inform anyone who will be driving your two-wheeler of the presence of your tracker. Without their consent, its use could be considered as spying. The use of geolocation devices is highly regulated by law. In case of fraudulent use, you risk a heavy fine and/or a prison sentence.

Now you know exactly where to place your tracker on your motorcycle! This will properly protect your favorite two-wheeler. Do you also want to equip your car with a geolocation device? Check out our article now to find out where to place a tracker in your car. And if a theft occurs, don’t panic: here are all the steps to take in case of theft of your vehicle! And you? Have you already tested or approved other locations to hide your Invoxia tracker?**



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