Invoxia GPS trackers were originally designed to protect your vehicles and valuables from loss or theft. Indeed, the GPS position tracking of our trackers allows you to locate vehicles, bicycles, pets, and any valuable object you would like to track. While these uses remain the most common, we have collected many testimonials from users who use the trackers in more original, even unusual ways. And it must be said that some owners of Invoxia GPS trackers are quite ingenious! Discover the unusual uses of our geolocation tools.

Invoxia GPS trackers meet all needs, even the most unusual.

The increase in car, scooter, motorcycle or bicycle thefts is pushing owners to want to protect them. In this sense, our trackers allow you to locate your vehicles, your valuables, or even a person. And alert you in real time in case of suspicious movement (for a vehicle or an object) or in case of crossing a zone. The tag sends its exact position directly to your smartphone thanks to the network. And if your vehicle or your bike is stolen, our teams assist the police to ensure that it is found as soon as possible.

That being said, other original uses can be imagined thanks to our products. Here are 10 ideas for unusual uses of our trackers that will make your life easier.

Detect the opening of a garage door

By attaching the tracker to a garage door, you can be informed of any opening. The garage is a privileged place for burglars to break into your home and steal property (tools, car, motorcycle…). If you place a GPS Tracker on the door, you will be notified in real time of its opening or any movement. This security measure will allow anyone who is afraid of having the contents of their garage stolen to sleep soundly.

Triggering the opening and closing of a garage door remotely

In addition to informing you of any movement of your garage door, our trackers can help control its opening or closing. To do this, you must:

  • Have a connected garage
  • Have good knowledge of home automation and be familiar with the IFTTT service
  • Define a geographical zone in your Invoxia GPS application (such as your home, for example)

When the tracker enters or exits the zone, the IFTTT service can open or close the garage door.

This feature also applies to the home alarm system or turning on and off lights, both inside and outside your home.

Opening a closet door with sensitive content for children

Still in the context of doors, this trick prevents your overly curious children from having free access to cakes and sweets. And for the more daring, it protects them from cleaning products stored in the house.

Detergents, paint or other harmful products are often stored high up or out of reach of children. However, the smartest ones always manage to reach these cabinets to explore their contents. By placing a GPS tracker inside the door, you can be alerted as soon as it is opened. You will then be able to intervene before your little one ingests harmful products.

Detecting the passage of the postman

Are you eagerly waiting for your mail? Do you live in an apartment building or far from your mailbox and don’t want to make unnecessary trips? The solution lies in setting up a GPS tracker in your mailbox! This way, you are notified in real-time of its opening by the mailman.

This trick also allows you to check if the mailman or delivery person forgot to ring the bell before leaving a notice saying that you were absent. Indeed, an alert will be sent to your smartphone as soon as the mailbox is opened. In the same way that you are alerted in case of suspicious movement of your car, motorcycle, or bike.

Use of GPS trackers on unlikely vehicles

Beyond protecting their car, bike, or motorcycle, some use our GPS trackers to protect less common vehicles. Such as:

  • An excavator
  • Construction equipment
  • A boat
  • Tractors

In reality, there are no limits to the use of Invoxia GPS trackers, except for your creativity!

Protecting a work of art or a painting

Passionate about art, do you have one or more works of art at home? These objects are known for their value and therefore highly coveted by burglars. Concealing a GPS tracker in a painting or under a sculpture will allow you to find the artwork if it is stolen.

Tracking animals (or shoes)

Your cat likes to wander, but you want to keep an eye on its activity? Would you like to know which area to search in case of escape? The Invoxia Pet Tracker is often used for this type of mission.

However, we have received testimonies of original uses for tracking other animals such as a camel, a crow, and even a fox.

A GPS tracker user had a mysterious problem of disappearing shoes. He placed a tag in one of his shoes intentionally left outside. Thanks to the tracker, he was able to realize that it was a fox that was taking his shoes. He was thus able to locate the animal’s den and recover some of his shoes. The full story can be found in our article on the thieving fox.

Protecting objects in a warehouse

A recent feedback once again demonstrated the effectiveness of our GPS trackers in preventing valuable objects from being stolen. The user was alerted by a movement of his tracker that was positioned inside an object in a warehouse. He was immediately able to witness the offense and alert the police who were able to arrest the criminals.

Agricultural, beekeeping or landscaping equipment

We recently talked to you about the use of GPS trackers in agriculture. Vincent, a shepherd, has been using our trackers for more than 3 years to protect his equipment. For this type of activity, a lot of expensive equipment is sometimes left outside without surveillance. It is then particularly exposed to theft. And thieves have no limits. Beekeepers, for example, have reported protecting their hives with Invoxia GPS trackers. Farmers can monitor their herds and equipment (tractors, tools…). Finally, we also have feedback from landscapers who protect their precious work tools by equipping them with a GPS tracker.

Trap the money pot in the house

Does your family collect their small change in a pot to make a kitty? This fun idea is quite common in France. If your children tend to be pilferers, you can place a GPS tracker in the pot and catch them red-handed. This way, you’ll have something to teach them a little lesson!

Are you convinced? Discover all the details about how our GPS trackers without SIM card work: the ideal solution for all uses, even the most unusual. If you use our GPS trackers in a different way, let us know at the following address:



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