Is the Invoxia Tracker ideal for package tracking?

Can a tracker be useful for package tracking? You already know about Invoxia GPS trackers as tools for locating vehicles or valuable objects to protect them against theft. Indeed, many of you have shared your testimonials with us and the positive outcome following the theft of your car, motorcycle, or other valuable equipment. But our GPS beacons have also been useful in various and sometimes unusual uses. Among these applications, that of Spanish journalist Victor Endrino is particularly interesting: He used the Invoxia GPS Tracker to track the delivery of a package!

He was able to prove the abuse of some deliverymen who leave delivery notices indicating the absence of the recipient when he was actually at home. Discover this original story, which shows that Invoxia trackers are just as capable of tracking the proper delivery of packages as they are of protecting them against loss and theft.

Package tracking with a GPS tracker: a complete experience report

Spanish journalist and YouTuber Victor Endrino conducted a funny and unprecedented experiment. He placed a turned-on Invoxia Tracker in its original packaging and shipped it with the Spanish postal system. The destination was none other than his in-laws’ house, 60 km from his home.

His observation began with a great surprise when the package started to travel back and forth across the giant sorting center near his drop-off point. The next day, the beacon indicated that the package was heading towards the destination village. However, there was nothing new on the postal tracking site via the package number.

The vehicle containing the Tracker stopped in different villages to drop off mail. It then arrived in the destination village of the package, but did not stop to deliver the package to the family home. The delivery person seems to have gotten lost. Then he changed villages again before returning two hours later. The journalist who was tracking his Tracker’s movements then told his mother-in-law to be ready to receive the delivery. On the website allowing tracking of the package, it was finally mentioned that it was in transit.

False delivery notice

When he passed by and stopped near the destination house, the postman neither rang the doorbell nor left the package in the mailbox. He simply left a notice indicating that the recipients were not present. An anomaly that is happening more and more often. The cause is the tremendous pressure on the deliverymen. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, they are simply overwhelmed with packages to deliver. This little shortcut of the notice allows them to save time on their tour and not bother to deliver your package. The package must then be picked up at a nearby sorting center.

The Spanish YouTuber filmed live the movements of his Tracker and then edited a video that retraces his experience.

Why use the Invoxia Tracker with a package?

It is not uncommon to use the services of carriers or the Post Office to send a package. The number of lost packages is increasing and many customers are not satisfied with the delivery conditions. Indeed, according to Colissimo, 20,000 packages delivered each day by the company would be subject to an error. This refers to a lost, damaged or stolen package.

Whether it is an object of high financial or sentimental value, it is always very annoying to face the loss of a shipment. This is problematic for both the recipient and the sender, especially when the object is subject to a transaction.

Putting an Invoxia Tracker with your package gives you the certainty of finding it if it gets lost by postal services. It’s a form of insurance that can reassure both the sender and the recipient. It can represent a good guarantee and, above all, allow you to get your property back if it’s lost. Are you anxious when sending a package? The GPS tag will allow you to track its proper delivery and give you peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry when you see that the status of your delivery is at a standstill.

The presence of the Tracker in a package also allows you to detect when the postman comes to your door to deliver the package. By following the GPS tag’s route on the application, you can anticipate its arrival. It is also possible to receive an alert as soon as you enter or leave a zone. By setting up this zone around your house, you will receive a notification on your smartphone and be notified of the delivery person’s arrival. Maybe you can even catch an unscrupulous delivery person who was about to leave you a notice of passage.

Detecting the mailman’s visit with the Mini Tracker

Another trick will allow you to receive a real-time alert when your mailbox is opened. Just attach a Mini Tracker to the door of your mailbox. This compact and ergonomic model will send you a notification as soon as the mailman drops off mail.

Invoxia Trackers never cease to amaze us. And if you doubt it, discover now the most unusual uses made with Invoxia trackers!



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