Thanks to your Pet Tracker, I found my dog on a private property, in a fox trap cage… He spent almost 48 hours there. I didn’t understand why the tracker kept showing the same position: on the first day, we searched on the opposite side (the one that is not on the property) and since my dog must have been “groggy” from something he ate when he entered the cage, he didn’t respond to our calls.

The next day, we ended up back in the same place because I didn’t understand how the tracker had recharged itself when it showed less than 20% battery when my dog went on his adventure… His tracker continued to emit at the same location and had even been recharged. So we broke into the property to retrieve Tempo, who no longer had anything around his neck.

With the joy of finding him, I didn’t think to check his collar directly. It was only once we got home that I realized the tracker was no longer on his collar.

Tempo disappeared, while the Invoxia application still located him in the trap. And it lasted for several weeks…. As the area was in the middle of fields, there was no chance that someone else had picked it up and recharged it at home, so it was clear that the owner had removed Tempo’s collar while leaving him locked in the cage. The owner herself didn’t want to hear anything about it and talked about property violation… There are people who have a heart…

The dog Tempo found locked in a fox trap after 48 hours

Tempo, found in a fox trap thanks to the Pet Tracker

More fear than harm for Tempo and his family. Despite this traumatic experience, their Pet Tracker finally allowed for a happy ending, since Betty was able to find and retrieve her dog safe and sound.

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