Your two-wheeler has disappeared and you’re in a panic? Wondering what to do in case of motorcycle or scooter theft? The fact is, motorcycle thefts are crimes that are not decreasing. They are also among the most feared scourges by bikers! Whether the thief acted on the street or in your garage, you should only think of one thing: act fast! And even more so if you haven’t equipped your two-wheeler with a GPS tracker. Are you ready to do everything to find your faithful road companion? Filing a complaint with the police, reporting the theft to your insurance, tips to protect your two-wheeler: discover now all the steps to take in case of motorcycle or scooter theft.

Motorcycle theft: which models are most affected in France?

Vespa, maxi scooter, roadster, all-terrain: in 2021, 194,552 motorcycles and scooters were sold in France! But before discovering what to do in case of motorcycle theft, do you know how many vehicles were stolen that same year? Statistics indicate the disappearance of 122,700 motorcycles and scooters… that’s one motorcycle stolen every four minutes! Moreover, the recorded accident rates show that the figures for two-wheelers are considerably higher than those for cars:

  • Car: 2.3 thefts per 1000.
  • Motorcycle: 53 thefts per 1000.
  • Scooter: 63 thefts per 1000.

Want to know if your ride is one of the most coveted by criminals? According to the Mutuelle des Motards, the most stolen two-wheelers in France in 2021 are:

  1. Honda’s 750 X-ADV;
  2. Honda’s 125 PCX;
  3. BMW’s 1250 GS and 1250 GS Adventure references;
  4. Yamaha’s 530 and 560 T-MAX models;
  5. Yamaha’s MT-07 Tracer;
  6. Piaggio’s 125 Liberty;
  7. Yamaha’s Tracer 900 GT;
  8. Honda’s 125 Forza;
  9. Honda’s 1000 and 1100 AFRICA-TWIN;
  10. KTM’s 125 Duke.

As you can see, thieves spare no type of vehicle since we find in this ranking:

  • Trail and off-road motorcycles;
  • Maxi scooters;
  • Urban scooters;
  • Touring bikes;
  • Roadsters.

And then? Once the offense is committed, criminals generally have two options: resell your vehicle or quickly dismantle it to feed the spare parts network. According to the latest figures, 44% of two-wheelers are hidden in basements or covered (such as in garages or containers, for example). In addition, it should be noted that burying two-wheelers is a practice that continues to increase. Indeed, according to the figures for 2021, this process reaches 54% of cases, an increase of 9% compared to 2020! These statistics clearly show the interest of placing a GPS tracker to limit the risk of theft and be able to find one’s vehicle.

What to do in case of motorcycle theft? The 2 emergency steps to take

Filing a complaint with the gendarmerie

In case of theft of your motorcycle, the first step to take is to file a complaint with the police. However, it should be noted that the procedures may vary slightly depending on how the break-in occurred. Here are the different steps to follow depending on the type of offense you encounter.

The theft of your two-wheeler takes place before your eyes

If you are watching your motorcycle or scooter being taken away by a criminal before your eyes, contact 17 immediately by phone. By dialing this number, you will be put in touch with the police to report the ongoing or just committed offense. Once your call is received, the police or gendarmerie can then deploy an intervention team on site to arrest the thief.

You discover the theft of your motorcycle after the break-in

You go to your garage or to your parking space to find your motorcycle and you realize that your two-wheeler is no longer there? In this case, go immediately to the nearest police station or gendarmerie to alert them of your situation.

Upon your arrival, law enforcement will record your complaint and forward it to the prosecutor. It is important to know that the prosecutor is responsible for the next steps. Depending on the evidence, they may decide to launch an investigation or dismiss your complaint, for example.

Note: After receiving your complaint for the theft of your motorcycle, the police will give you:

  • A receipt for the complaint;
  • A copy of the complaint (upon request).

Both of these documents should be kept safe.

Motorcycle theft and filing a complaint: 5 things to know

Filing a complaint and liability in case of an accident

If there is one essential step to take when wondering what to do in case of motorcycle theft, it is to file a complaint. Indeed, filing a complaint protects you in case your stolen two-wheeler causes an accident. Thus, if your scooter is involved in a collision, you will not be held responsible.

Filing a complaint and registers

Filing a complaint automatically registers your two-wheeler in two registers:

  • The File of Reported Objects and Vehicles (FOVeS): this register helps law enforcement when they conduct searches or checks on public roads. Therefore, it facilitates the detection and recovery of stolen motorcycles.
  • The Vehicle Registration System (SIV): this register blocks new registration requests for stolen two-wheelers. Police officers and gendarmes can consult it freely to carry out checks.

To recover your motorcycle, gendarmes and police officers can also consult the Impound and Immobilization Register. This file includes all records of two-wheelers impounded or vehicles immobilized following an offense. It also lists all vehicles (motorcycles, scooters, cars) recovered as wrecks. Therefore, this register is very useful for law enforcement, as it allows them to ensure that your two-wheeler is not in the impound lot.

What to do in case of theft of my motorcycle and personal documents?

Identity card, passport, registration certificate, insurance, driving license: by stealing your motorcycle, the thief also took your personal documents? If so, be sure to mention it when reporting to the police or gendarmes. This will allow you, for example, to renew your identity papers without having to go back to the police station.

Theft of two-wheelers within the home

What to do in case of theft of your motorcycle when it takes place in your garage or inside your home (outbuilding for example)? To avoid hindering potential scientific evidence or clues, be careful not to touch anything before the arrival of the police. On the other hand, remember to take photos (always without touching anything) to send them to your insurance.

Motorcycle theft and GPS tracker

You have equipped your motorcycle or scooter with a GPS tracker? Congratulations on this good reflex! Indeed, the presence of this device on your two-wheeler significantly improves your chances of recovering your vehicle after the offense. To this end, remember to inform law enforcement of the presence of your equipment. And to facilitate their searches as well as their interventions, make sure to:

  • Communicate the GPS positions of your motorcycle.
  • Transmit the identifiers of your application (for example, the Invoxia GPS application) so that they can follow the movements of the vehicle if necessary and/or ensure the position of the vehicle at a given time.

Reporting theft to your insurer

Wondering what to do in case of motorcycle theft after filing a complaint with the gendarmerie or police station? The second step to take quickly after this type of offense is to contact your insurance company. To do this, you generally have a minimum legal period of two working days.

However, we invite you to be careful! Indeed, the deadline granted by insurers may vary from one motorcycle contract to another and from one company to another. We therefore strongly advise you to check the one stated in your personal contract or to contact your insurance company in case of doubt. Why? Because in case of exceeding the imposed deadline, your insurer will be entitled to refuse any compensation!

To process and validate the theft declaration of your two-wheeler, insurers ask you for a certain number of elements and documents, such as:

  • Your name, first name, and address to justify your identity.
  • Your motorcycle insurance contract number.
  • The circumstances of the theft of your two-wheeler, such as the location, date, or time.
  • The exact nature of the damages suffered (theft, attempted theft, and possible damage).
  • A copy of your complaint made to the police.

In some cases, you will also need to report the theft of your motorcycle to your home insurance. This step is often necessary when the crime takes place within your home (when your motorcycle is parked in your garage, for example). It will allow you to be compensated in case of broken windows, forced doors, or broken locks. Of course, this will depend on the guarantees you have taken out when you joined your contract.

How to report the theft of your motorcycle to your insurer?

Do you not know how to report the theft or attempted theft of your two-wheeler to your insurer? You have several ways to contact your insurance company and carry out your procedures:

  • By phone;
  • Via the website of your insurer (nowadays, most companies offer you the possibility of making a theft declaration online);
  • By sending a registered letter;
  • By going directly to the agency.

Why is it necessary to report the theft of your two-wheeler to your insurance?

Declaring the theft of your motorcycle to your insurance company is a very important step for the rest of the events. Indeed, your declaration will serve you to:

  • Obtain compensation for the damage suffered.
  • Release your liability with respect to the vehicle in the event that it is involved in an accident, a crime or an offense.

In addition, the declaration of theft of your motorcycle or scooter makes it possible to take care of:

  • Potential damage caused;
  • Your legal defense in court, when your liability is at issue.

Motorcycle theft and insurance compensation: what are the conditions to be respected?

To receive compensation from your insurer in the event of theft or attempted theft, your insurance contract must include a specific guarantee against theft. Indeed, it should be noted that this guarantee is not included as standard in all motorcycle or two-wheeler insurance contracts. Did you decide not to take this option when you signed your motorcycle contract? In this case, unfortunately, you will not receive any compensation from your insurer.

Theft insurance is present in your motorcycle insurance? If so, you may be eligible for compensation. However, to be sure, we advise you to contact your insurance company and/or consult the clauses of your contract. Indeed, the damages covered by insurance and the conditions to be respected may vary from one company to another.

Attention! Although you have taken out theft insurance, it is still possible that your insurer may refuse to compensate you. This usually happens when the insurance company finds that the theft of your motorcycle is the result of negligence on your part. If this is proven, your insurer will have every right to refuse to pay you compensation for the offense.

Were you wondering what to do in case of motorcycle theft? Now you know all the steps to follow if your vehicle disappears. However, to avoid such unpleasant situations, you will find practical tips to protect your motorcycle on a daily basis at the end of this article.

My motorcycle is not found: what will happen?

The days go by and the police still haven’t found your two-wheeler? Unfortunately, it is difficult for law enforcement to track a stolen motorcycle without a geolocation device. In addition, it should be noted that the longer the weeks go by after the crime, the less likely you are to recover it. Insurers have therefore provided a legal deadline of 30 days after which you can make a claim for compensation.

This deadline may vary slightly from one company to another, therefore, we invite you to check the one provided by your insurance. You will find it by reading the clauses of your motorcycle contract or by contacting your insurer.

To receive compensation for the theft of your motorcycle, your insurance company will ask you to complete a compensation file. Several justifications will be required such as:

  • The keys or badges of your stolen motorcycle;
  • The registration certificate;
  • The invoice proving the purchase of the two-wheeler;
  • A copy of the police report;
  • The up-to-date technical inspection of your motorcycle.

We invite you to check, in your contract or with your insurance advisor, the exact number of documents to provide. This will avoid any errors and delays.

My insurance company refuses to compensate me

What to do in case of motorcycle theft if your insurer categorically refuses to compensate you? If this happens to you, know that all is not lost and that you still have one last resort. Indeed, the Commission for the Compensation of Victims of Offenses (CIVI) can grant you compensation following the offense you have suffered if you make a request. However, for your request to be accepted, you must comply with the following two conditions:

  • The compensation being awarded subject to income conditions, your personal income must not exceed certain ceilings.
  • If the theft of your motorcycle has not triggered serious psychological and/or material repercussions in your life, you will not receive financial assistance.

Whatever the outcome of your request, be sure to safely store the papers of your motorcycle (such as the registration certificate). This way, if the police recover your two-wheeler in the following weeks, your documents will still be valid.

My stolen two-wheeler is found after the legal deadline

The 30-day deadline imposed by insurance companies is sometimes insufficient to find your motorcycle. Therefore, after the theft, you generally take all necessary steps with your insurer. You can quickly obtain your compensation and buy a new two-wheeler for your daily trips.

However, it happens that the gendarmes or police officers find your two-wheeler two, four or six months later. If this happens to you, your insurer will then offer you two solutions:

  1. Recover your stolen two-wheeler. If you choose this option, you will be obliged to repay the amount paid by your insurance company. However, if your scooter or motorcycle is damaged, it will be possible to deduct the estimated amount of the damage.
  2. Give your stolen motorcycle to your insurer. Have you already spent your compensation amount to acquire a new two-wheeler? Do you not want to recover your previous vehicle? In this case, you have the option of giving your stolen scooter to your insurance company. If you choose this solution, your insurer will be free to resell your two-wheeler or send it to the scrapyard.

Two-wheeler theft: how to protect your motorcycle or scooter?

Now you know what to do in case of motorcycle theft. However, you will agree that the ideal is to know how you can avoid this scourge. It is true that you certainly do not want a thief to steal your precious two-wheeler during the night or when you are working! Here are our practical tips and tricks that will allow you to protect your motorcycle and scooter against theft.

6 vigilance tips to avoid motorcycle theft

Before discussing the technical means that you can implement to protect your motorcycle, it seems important to remind you of some vigilance tips. Free and very easy to apply, they will help you reduce the risk of theft without too much effort.

Keep your ignition key with you

Who hasn’t already left their keys on the ignition of their motorcycle for a minute to go get a forgotten object in their house? However, leaving your keys on your two-wheeler is an invitation more than tempting for criminals. Yes, what could be better than an easy and trouble-free theft? If this happens to you, know that your forgetfulness can be classified as an act of negligence. Therefore, you will not be compensated by your insurance!

So always take care to keep your ignition key with you. Similarly, avoid leaving the vehicle papers in the trunk of your two-wheeler.

Lock the direction of your motorcycle

In case of a short or prolonged absence, always remember to activate the steering lock system of your motorcycle. Present on most two-wheelers, this device can still be bypassed. However, it remains an excellent obstacle to discourage or slow down less experienced thieves. To disturb novice motorcycle criminals, you can also engage the first gear or activate the vehicle’s kill switch.

Parking your two-wheeler in a secure location

The ideal way to protect against theft is to park your motorcycle or scooter in a closed garage. That being said, it is not always possible to have one, especially when you live in an urban area. If this is your case, preferably park your vehicle in secure areas such as:

  • Boxes with a reinforced door:
  • Private parking lots monitored by a guard;
  • Busy and well-lit streets;
  • Areas equipped with surveillance cameras.

During the day, if possible, try to park your vehicle near you so that you can keep an eye on your motorcycle if needed.

Securing your two-wheeler to a fixed point

This basic rule is essential to limit the risk of theft: attach your motorcycle to a fixed and sturdy point as soon as possible. Preferably, secure your two-wheeler by the frame. Indeed, it is interesting to note that thieves can easily remove the wheels. If your vehicle makes this operation impossible, opt for:

  • A lock on the front wheel if you own a motorcycle.
  • A lock on the rear wheel if you own a scooter (it should be noted that it only takes a few gestures to remove a scooter’s front wheel).

Be cautious at intersections

Stops and red lights are privileged places for criminals who are fond of “bike jacking”. As motorcyclists, you must therefore be very attentive to protect yourself from this type of theft:

  • Avoid stopping between two cars to avoid being “sandwiched” by a door.
  • Try to maintain a safe distance of at least three meters from the vehicle in front of you (in case of a problem, you can react and go around it).
  • You can also keep the first gear engaged to quickly get away.
  • Hang your ignition key on the handlebars with a carabiner to prevent theft and/or keep a spare with you.

Do not leave your motorcycle handlebars to a stranger

Are you planning to sell your motorcycle or scooter to an individual? If so, there is a good chance that your buyers will want to try your vehicle, and this is perfectly legitimate. If you cannot accompany the buyer by riding on the back of the vehicle, be cautious by following these few rules during the test:

  • Keep your registration certificate and insurance certificate with you;
  • Refuse to let your buyer ride with a friend;
  • Ask for an ID that you will keep during the ride;

keep the key or badge of your motorcycle if it is equipped with a “keyless” device.

5 technical ways to protect your motorcycle against theft

In addition to our vigilance tips, you can also use technical means to protect your two-wheeler against theft. Here are our 5 favorite tools to prevent the disappearance of your scooter or motorcycle.

Use a quality anti-theft device

One of the first means to use to prevent the theft of your two-wheeler is the anti-theft device… But not just any! Say goodbye to weak cables and opt for a much stronger U-lock. For maximum protection of your motorcycle, we recommend investing in an SRA-approved or NF FFMC-certified device.

Do you find U-locks too bulky? Nowadays, more and more brands are developing solutions adapted to transport these accessories. This makes life easier for bikers without compromising the security of their vehicle!

Install an alarm

To steal your two-wheeler in peace, thieves need a calm environment and a lot of discretion. By installing an anti-theft alarm on your motorcycle, you will remove these magical ingredients from them! Indeed, the thunderous noise of the alarm will attract the attention of passers-by to the criminal and make him visible to everyone. This will create a panic on the criminal and make him abandon his crime.

Engraving the parts of your two-wheeler

Engraving (also called “tattooing”) consists of marking the parts of your motorcycle with a personal serial number. This number is then recorded in a database intended for police officers, gendarmes, and insurers. The advantage of this technique is that it complicates the work of the bandits, as it makes it difficult to resell the spare parts. Its little extra for bikers? Thanks to the marking, law enforcement can more easily find the owners of stolen vehicles!

Covering your motorcycle

A shiny roadster or a trendy scooter can quickly attract the attention of malicious people on the street. To make your two-wheeler more discreet, consider using a neutral cover. This accessory will limit covetousness and may discourage less experienced thieves. In addition, it will have the advantage of protecting your motorcycle from rain and cold. That being said, do not hesitate to cover your two-wheeler even if you park your vehicle in a covered parking lot. Of course, we advise against flashy covers that will arouse curiosity and have the opposite effect to the one sought.

Concealing a GPS tracker in your motorcycle or scooter

Some will say that a GPS tracker is useless because it does not prevent theft. It is a fact: a tracker will not deter a criminal who wants to steal your two-wheeler (especially since this device is generally well hidden). However, this accessory still has the power to significantly increase your chances of finding your motorcycle!

Why? Because it is the only device that allows you to track the geolocation of your vehicle! Thanks to the GPS data they provide, law enforcement can act more quickly and target the right place. In addition, some tracker models, such as the Invoxia GPS tracker, notify you in real time as soon as an attempted theft or suspicious movement is detected. Ideal for taking action without delay!

What steps to take in case of motorcycle theft with an Invoxia GPS tracker?

Are you afraid that a criminal will steal your two-wheeler and have equipped it with an Invoxia tracker? Wondering what to do in case of motorcycle theft in this situation? Despite this somewhat unpleasant event, this security measure will be of great help to you in your efforts. Why? Because through the Invoxia GPS application, installed on your iOS or Android smartphone, you will be able to:

  • Be alerted in real time as soon as suspicious movement is detected.
  • Track the movements of your motorcycle or scooter, anywhere in France and without distance limits.

Using your Invoxia GPS tracker after a motorcycle theft

The Invoxia app alerts you of suspicious activity? If you are near your two-wheeler, you can quickly move to where you parked your vehicle and see if a theft has occurred. Has your motorcycle or scooter actually disappeared? Go immediately to the police to report the theft of your two-wheeler and inform them of the presence of your GPS tracker.

With the Invoxia GPS app, you can view the movements of your motorcycle at intervals of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Therefore, do not hesitate to communicate your account credentials to the police. This will allow them to follow the movements and position of your vehicle at the moment, and thus find it more quickly.

In addition, our entire team is by your side to help you recover your scooter or roadster as quickly as possible. Therefore, you can count on our technical support to:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your GPS tracker’s activity.
  • Answer all questions from gendarmes or police to assist them in their investigations.

Cars, scooters, bikes: Invoxia trackers have already found several thousand stolen vehicles. In fact, the testimonials from our users always warm our hearts!

Attempted theft: what to do with my Invoxia tracker?

In the event of an attempted theft of your motorcycle in front of you, you will most likely be tempted to intervene alone. However, we advise you to avoid any altercation with the criminal in order to avoid putting yourself in danger. Instead, visually identify the thief (height, clothing color, etc.) and immediately contact 17. Law enforcement will tell you what to do and will intervene quickly. If the thief has fled with your two-wheeler, inform the gendarmes or police of the presence of your tracker.

You were wondering what to do in case of motorcycle theft? Now you know all the steps to take as soon as you notice the disappearance of your two-wheeler. Also, consider applying several of our tips at once to minimize the risk of theft. Have you invested in an Invoxia tracker and are looking for ideas to hide it in your vehicle? Check out our two articles to discover how to hide your tracker like a pro:

  • Where to place a GPS tracker in a car.
  • Where to place a GPS tracker on a motorcycle.

Also, be surprised by the unusual uses of Invoxia GPS trackers! You will see: our users are really ingenious!

Do you own an Invoxia Tracker and have an unusual story to share with us? Do not hesitate to write to us and tell us your adventures at: or on our social networks.



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