The back-to-school season is already well underway, and vacations seem far behind. However, the months of September and October should not be synonymous with a dull return to the metro-work-sleep routine. Indeed, it is possible to spice up your week with a road trip to do in France, alone or with friends. And to help you, here are our ideas for walks to do for a day or a relaxing weekend!

Road trips to do by car

To escape for a weekend, take your car and go on a road trip in France, alone or with others!

The Passage du Gois

The Passage du Gois connects the town of Beauvoir-sur-Mer in Vendée to the beautiful island of Noirmoutier. It is a must-see place to spend the weekend on the island and recharge your batteries to rediscover the taste of vacation.

But be careful, before crossing the Gois passage, certain precautions must be taken. This is because it is a submersible road. Therefore, it will be necessary to check the tide carefully so as not to wait on the mainland.

As soon as the tide is low, cross these 4.2 kilometers that offer you an exceptional landscape. But be careful, vehicles are not the only ones to use this mythical path. Fishermen also rush to the Gois passage to collect cockles and clams.

The Presles Road

Thrill-seekers can take their car to cross the Presles road. Over 7 kilometers, this must-see road provides access to the famous Presles cliffs; a unique site for climbers. But beyond the destination, it is especially the journey that you should appreciate. Indeed, the Presles road overlooks the Allier plateau and offers you an exceptional panorama of the Vercors.

The Nesque Gorges Road

Enjoy the warmth of early autumn to head to Vaucluse via the Gorges de la Nesque road. This road connecting Monieux to Villes-sur-Auzon offers a dizzying spectacle. And before starting your activities in the Gorges (such as a walk, bike ride, or climbing), enjoy the landscape! To do this, do not hesitate to stop at the Belvédère du Castellaras. It offers an incredible panorama of the Rocher du Cire, the must-see site of the Nesque.

Whatever option you choose for your road trip by car, don’t forget your Invoxia GPS Tracker without SIM card. With a battery life of 3 to 6 months, you will have more time than necessary to enjoy your trip. And above all, you are notified in real time in case of suspicious movement, to be able to react as quickly as possible in case of attempted theft. Ideal for a relaxing getaway, with family or friends!

Motorcycle road trips to do

More of a two-wheeler team? Nothing beats a motorcycle ride to clear your mind and get your fill of thrills!

Gorges de l’Ardèche

The Ardèche Gorges are a real paradise for all bikers. On your two-wheeler, you can enjoy the wild beauty of this exceptional site. But be careful, between the turns, vehicles are not the only ones to circulate on the road. Indeed, goats are also very numerous to walk around and enjoy the landscape. Caution is always required.

In addition to the motorcycle, do not hesitate to stop to try one of the activities planned in the Gorges. And notably the canoe kayak which will allow you to admire the panorama from a new angle.

Morlaix → Locmaria-Berrien

In the west of France, we recommend the route between Morlaix and Locmaria-Berrien. Starting from Morlaix, you will discover a charming medieval center with the imposing viaduct overlooking it.

On the way to Locmaria-Berrien, the green landscape will make you forget your daily routine. And to discover the silver river of Finistère, pass through Huelgoat.

Pourrières → Rian

For the back-to-school season, head to the south of France to enjoy the last rays of sunshine. And with your motorcycle, take the road between the towns of Pourrière and Rian. Here, the road is particularly narrow and winding, which will delight the most agile motorcyclists. A little before Rian, the road clears to allow you to enjoy a wild landscape between Aleppo pines and green oaks.

And above all, don’t forget to take regular breaks along the way. Thanks to the Invoxia GPS Tracker, you can leave your bike parked without stress, while you take the time to discover the typical villages of the south of France.

Bike road trips to take

For both serious athletes and occasional cyclists, a bike ride is ideal to forget about daily worries. And here again, we offer you several itinerary ideas.

The Dolce Via

La Dolce Via transports all cyclists through the wild landscapes of Ardèche. This 90-kilometer greenway connects La Voulte-sur-Rhône and Saint-Agrève or Lamastre. It is a route dedicated to hiking and cycling. You will forget about motorized vehicles and city noise. Instead, fruit trees, old mills, and rivers await you. And to take breaks, you can also swim in the water spots of the Dolce Via.


PassaPaïs is a greenway located in the Haut Languedoc Natural Park. This 70-kilometer path, between Tarn and Hérault, allows you to decompress for a weekend. Between forests, hedgerows, moors, mountain slopes, and scrubland, the disconnection is total. And to rest your legs, do not hesitate to make some stops in the mountain villages.


The bravest won’t hesitate to travel the 250 kilometers of greenway that make up the Vélobuissonière. This route, located between the Loire, Sarthe and Normandy, allows you to escape for a long weekend. Along the way, many stops are planned to allow cyclists to rest during this long journey. You can also discover the cultural heritage hidden in the west of France; the Plantagenet city of Le Mans, the castle of Saumur, the faience workshops of Malicorne, etc. And, rest assured, it is totally possible to plan several road trips to cover the 250 kilometers of the Vélobuissonière.

To protect your bike on one of these greenways, don’t forget your Bike Tracker. Very discreet, just slide it into the reflector and slide it onto the stem of your saddle. Once in place, it sends you a real-time alert in case of attempted theft. So, you can take breaks without fear.

Road trips to do with your furry friend

Whether you are a Parisian or from anywhere in France, there is no need to go very far to enjoy the scenery: with your pet too, the possibilities for outings are endless! The perfect opportunity to treat your furry friend to a little greenery. They will be delighted!

The Gardens of Val-d’Oise

For nature lovers living in the Paris region, Val-d’Oise is full of green spaces. In total, more than 160 parks and gardens make up the department. Among the most popular are the Bois de l’Étang park, the Lavandières garden, the Larris park, and the Raclet park. These are must-visit sites to enjoy with your dog for a few hours away from the madness of the city.

The Fontainebleau Forest

This 22,000-hectare forest will allow you to escape for a day with your pet. An hour south of Paris, the Fontainebleau forest is full of diverse landscapes: rocky chaos, ponds, moors, sandy expanses, lush forest, etc. Beyond the vegetation, the fauna is also varied. So be careful with your dog! He might want to chase after the foxes or rabbits that occupy the park.

The Corra Pond

To take a walk with your furry friend, choose a body of water. And for good reason, many dogs love to swim or retrieve a boat in the water. Fortunately, there is the Corra Pond in the Yvelines! This 7-kilometer loop will allow you to stretch your legs for a few hours. And if you have children, the paths are very accessible, allowing you to move around with a stroller or scooter without difficulty.

And if your pet likes to run, the Pet Tracker will allow you to know in which area it is located. But above all, you will know how it feels during this walk thanks to your Invoxia GPS application. Indeed, the Pet Tracker provides various health and activity indicators to help you take care of your animal. Scratching, barking, activity, you will know everything about your faithful companion!

Share your favorite routes with us

As you may have understood, no matter what type of travel you prefer, there will always be an Invoxia GPS tracker to accompany you! GPS Tracker, Bike Tracker, Mini Tracker, Pet Tracker… Discover which GPS tracker best suits your needs.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, and many other routes are to be discovered all over France, as well as in Europe. Do you know any? Share them with the Invoxia community by sending us your favorite routes to:!



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