Are you juggling between personal and work life, and are desperately looking for the right tool to help you out? Like you, the Invoxia GPS Tracker plays multiple roles! Vincent, a business owner and motorcycle enthusiast since the age of 12 found that out for himself. He has been using Invoxia GPS trackers for 2 years to protect his professional and personal vehicles. Vincent first tested a tracker to protect one of his business vehicles. Since then, he just keeps on going and went on to buy a second one, then a third one… Now he owns 13 of them.

Why 13? Because Vincent quickly realized that the Invoxia GPS Tracker made it possible for him to protect both his 5 personal motorcycles and his fleet of professional vehicles! Below he explains the steps of his approach in more detail.

How did you find out about Invoxia GPS Trackers?

Before, to use a tracker you had to put a sim card in, and recharge it regularly because the battery life wasn’t all that good. It was too complicated so I just gave up. Then one day, I heard about yours on RMC on the TV with Bourdin and his colleague who deals with new technologies. I then went and bought my first Invoxia tracking devices right after that.

What motivated you to purchase more?

I once had a € 39,000 motorcycle (a Goldwing) stolen from me one day. As a result, I prefer to take precautionary measures. Besides that, I was satisfied with my first Invoxia tracker, so I bought a few more for my motorcycles on top of my professional vehicles. The app informs me of the slightest suspicious movement which is very useful to avoid theft or damage.

Why is it also important to protect your professional fleet of vehicles from theft?

I secure my trucks with a tracker because if the truck gets stolen, the insurance will reimburse me for the truck but not what’s inside. The equipment inside is valued at around €30,000.

In the past, Vincent had already had a backhoe loader worth around €75,000 stolen from him. Facing the lengthy repayment terms on his insurance and the fact that he was without work equipment for a given period of time, his business activity was significantly impacted. To limit this risk, he gradually equipped his personal and business vehicles with Invoxia GPS trackers: 2 trucks, 2 micro-tractors, a car, and 5 motorcycles. Four others are used to secure valuables. Invoxia’s GPS Trackers can be used for all purposes and really can be adapted to any need, both in work life and personal life !

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