Foxes, known for being thieves, made a lot of news a few weeks ago when a fox den was discovered in Germany, containing hundreds of shoes stolen from the surrounding houses (see article in French). Today, we are off to Switzerland, where (a different?) fox was discovered doing the same thing, and whose hidden loot was partially found thanks to the Invoxia GPS Tracker!

Dan, a victim of petty theft and hero of our story, realized that the shoes in his home were mysteriously disappearing. So, he set up a camera to find out who behind it. To his great surprise, he realized that the thief was none other than a little fox when watching the replay! He decided to place a GPS tracker for vehicles and valuables in one of his shoes, with the intention of discovering the animal’s hiding place.

gps tracker in a shoe

The Invoxia GPS tracker fits perfectly in a shoe!

Read about his detailed account:

I had just bought a particularly expensive yet amazing new pair of ON trail running shoes… A few days later, we went on a family hike and I could only find one shoe.  We spent hours that week looking for my shoe. Later that week, my wife bitterly stated that we had 5 individual shoes in the house without a pair.  As I chatted with people, I began to discover other neighbors that were missing shoes.  I don’t know why I thought it might be a fox, but I began to discuss the idea and develop a plan to find it.  In the meantime, I checked with the game warden of the canton of Zug who told me that it was probably a fox, but that it would be impossible to find it.

After creating a neighborhood group called Fox News to keep everyone up to date, I ordered an Invoxia GPS Tracker and installed a camera on the back porch. We placed the tracker under the sole of the shoe. The first night we noticed it moving in the morning and checked the camera.  Sure enough, we caught the fox red-handed! The neighborhood held a contest and decided to name him Foxli. For two weeks I tried to get Foxli to bring the shoe back to his den, but he seemed picky and indecisive about what kind of shoe he liked, so much so that we wondered if Foxli could smell the tracer in the shoe. My mom advised me to put peanut butter in the shoe. Foxli took the shoe that very night!

The next morning we went out to find the shoe, hoping it would lead us to the fox’s den and my other ON shoe.  Unfortunately, the signal seemed to be coming from the Zugersee clinic, and after investigating with the receptionist, they assured us that there was no fox den in the building. Fortunately, the next day the signal improved and we were able to follow the shoe to a slope above the clinic where we found the drooling bait shoe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the pile I was expecting. I was too busy to set up a new tracker to find the larger lair…but it was on my list of things to do!

As you can see, Invoxia GPS trackers can be very resourceful! Beyond their primary function which is to prevent vehicles, bicycles, valuables or animals from being lost or stolen, they can also be used for more unusual and original purposes such as this one.

Even though he hasn’t managed to find all of his shoes yet, Dan is already planning a second investigative mission, and this time he has a clear objective: find out where the little red-haired kleptomaniac hides his loot. In the meantime, check out the route the fox took back to his lair, and we’ll end it with the cutest moment of the day: pictures of his thievery, caught red-handed.


Foxli’s journey

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