Each year, nearly 8,000 thefts happen on farms. This means more than 20 thefts per day. Invoxia GPS trackers have once again proven their versatility by being used in the agricultural industry. Generally used to protect vehicles, valuables, bicycles or animals, they also meet more unexpected needs such as those of a migrating shepherd! This is what Vincent, a sheep breeder, tells us about how he uses a GPS tracker to protect his electric fence equipment.

Hi Vincent, thank you for answering our questions? Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a sheep breeder and a migrant shepherd. That is to say that I regularly move around the mountains with my flock several times a year. I have been using the Invoxia tracker for 3 years, to help prevent my electric fences from being stolen.

Why did you feel like sharing your story with us?

Many breeders like me are faced with having their electric fence equipment stolen. This equipment is at a high risk of being stolen because it is expensive (more than 500€) and is often used on the side of the road, without surveillance. For example, I have already had cables and even a gate stolen. The insurance companies do not cover theft for outdoor equipment, so I use the tracker.

How did you find out about our solution?

After one of my electrifiers went missing, a friend gave me an Invoxia GPS Tracker. I managed to hide it in my energizer but leave it accessible so I could easily recharge it.

What did you think about it?

I was quickly amazed by the precision and the consistency of how it tracked, even in forest areas without GSM network* or in high mountains (2500 m of altitude)**. From what I observed, it seems that when an electrifier’s battery is not charged enough, it creates interferences resulting in slightly inaccurate tracker positions. I indirectly informed when my fence posts are working properly or not, at a distance.

Great, thank you! Would you like to say a final word to your fellow agricultural workers? 

In the agricultural industry, many fellow workers have their fences stolen, which cost several hundred euros. Not one manufacturer has thought of equipping them with effective anti-theft devices. That’s why I often advise them to use your solution: a little peace of mind is appreciated in our line of work…

Like Vincent, have you ever experienced a theft involving one of our GPS trackers? Do you want to share an original story about the farming industry? Tell us your story by writing us at this address: marketingteam@invoxia.com or on our social media!

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*Our trackers work via low-bandwidth networks and not traditional GSM / mobile network, it may occur that a tracker can be picked up where a phone cannot.

**Like described in this case, it is possible for the tracker to keep working in the mountains and at high altitudes. However, this is not a general rule at the moment. That’s why we prefer not to use the tracker in forested or mountainous areas.



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