Let’s take off together with Marco’s incredible story, a native of Aarau in Switzerland and an all time skydiving enthusiast since the age of 17. This adrenaline lover can’t help but take another big jump whenever the opportunity arises. Except that this time, everything didn’t go to plan: Discover how Invoxia’s GPS Tracker helped him find his main parachute lost in mid-air!

How did this emotional rollercoaster play out?

On the day it happened, the weather conditions were ideal for skydiving: there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. As usual, I boarded the plane with my colleagues. The plane gradually got higher up in the air and I was about to jump. All of a sudden, I was overcome with an inexplicable anxiety, a bad feeling. Just after 3 or 4 seconds in freefall, I tried to open my parachute. And yes, my instincts weren’t wrong. My parachute refused to open, a situation I had never encountered before. I quickly disconnected the main parachute and activated the survival parachute. I was able to land safely and avoid the tragedy but my main parachute was lost in the middle of nowhere.

What was going through your mind when you landed and what happened to your lost parachute?

My first reflex when I landed was to check my parachute’s location on the Invoxia application. A parachute costs about 2,900€. Fortunately, I had equipped mine with an Invoxia Mini GPS Tracker just one week before the incident. I grabbed my bike and went off to go look for it. I hoped I would find it and I wasn’t disappointed. By tracking its location, I finally managed to find it.

Anything to say about the Invoxia GPS Tracker?

Before, I was using another brand but I switched to the Invoxia Mini Tracker because it uses low-power networks. I think it’s a revolutionary idea. Especially when you want to use it in a country as well covered as Switzerland. It’s cheaper and it allows you to have a much greater battery life than with a SIM card tracker. My Mini GPS Tracker lasted a little over two months without a charge. Invoxia GPS trackers are perfect for parachutes!

As a matter of fact, you can never be too careful, even after years of practice! You can also avoid any risk by protecting your valuables and your vehicles with the Invoxia GPS Tracker. Whether they are on land, at sea, or in the air, it’s proven to work!

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