He rescues his partner thanks to the Invoxia GPS Tracker

Knowing that your loved ones are on the road and not being able to ensure that they are doing well can be a real source of worry. To reduce this stress, an innovative solution is increasingly being sought after by households: the GPS tracker. Usually dedicated to tracking valuables and/or vehicles, GPS trackers can meet other needs. Like Vincent, who realized that his partner was anxious on the road without even calling her, and was able to reassure her. Discover how through his testimony!

Why did you decide to acquire the Invoxia GPS Tracker?

We bought your tracker because our previous car was stolen a month after purchase. The second element of context: my wife resumed driving after 15 years of public transportation and was particularly anxious about driving in Île-de-France, as she initially drove in the province with less traffic. So we both have the application and can follow the movement of the vehicle from our home regardless of the driver.

Is there a particular anecdote you would like to share with us?

I was on a business trip more than 600 km from our home and my partner had to take our car for a longer than usual trip in Île-de-France, which particularly worried her. So I checked that everything was going well by following the GPS tracker on the application. Knowing the region perfectly, I was surprised that the position of the tracker froze for a long time at the level of a highway interchange (A13 Versailles). There is almost no place to stop there.

What was your reaction at that time?

I called her to make sure everything was okay. She confirmed that she had an anxiety attack, not finding her way to that place and that she had stopped urgently to calm down. It may seem intrusive, but we both have the application and we are therefore able to activate or not the GPS Tracker. The interest I perceived here is to be able to react quickly in case of a problem and to alert the emergency services if necessary.

That’s a good reflex! Are there other situations where the Invoxia GPS Tracker is useful to you?

For the case of detecting a low-intensity collision, your tracker is sensitive enough to trigger when we close the doors (motion alert), which ensures that I will be alerted in case of an attempted theft. But also during parking, when an alert appears on our smartphone while the vehicle has not moved, we can quickly deduce that the vehicle (in front or behind) has certainly lightly hit ours or that an attempted theft is in progress. This situation (vehicle hit during parking) happened to me with a second tracker that I bought to protect my company van. I was able to check the condition of my vehicle, which was intact.

The interest of the tracker in this type of situation is to be nuanced, because it also triggers, for example, during major work near the vehicle (vibrations generated by a jackhammer) but also during strong gusts of wind that can slightly sway the vehicle.

We can see that whether it’s GPS trackers (for vehicles and valuable objects), the Bike Tracker (intended for bikes, scooters, etc.) or even the Pet Tracker (dedicated to animals), these small technology-packed boxes can also meet other needs than their primary functionalities. And for that, all it takes is a little creativity!

Have you also put your Invoxia GPS Tracker to use in an unusual way or situation and want to share your experience with us?

Write to us at this address: marketingteam@invoxia.com or on our social networks! Discover also the other testimonials from our users.



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