Having your bike stolen is never pleasant. But when it’s a gift that is particularly important to you, stress and frustration can quickly make you lose your cool. Fortunately for him, our witness of the day was able to keep his cool throughout his misadventure. With the help of his Mini Tracker*, he was able to find his stolen bike within an hour of the theft. Discover his complete testimony, with video evidence!

Why did you want to share your story with us?

I have a bike that is a gift from my parents, I’ve had it for 22 years and I care about it a lot. It’s my main means of transportation.

What happened to your bike?

I lost sight of it for more than an hour and it was a real disaster for me. The thief took it when I turned my back, less than 30 seconds. The time it took to pick up an order at a restaurant.

What did you do when you realized it?

[I went in search of my bike.] After an initial hesitation due to a low battery issue with the tracker (and mostly due to stress), I finally found it at the exact location indicated by the tracker. It was securely attached to urban furniture, in a small street not far from where it was stolen.

Were you able to retrieve it directly?

The police did not want to help me at first. So I called my brother who came to my rescue (with my sister-in-law) but we didn’t have any tools (and it was midnight). We then called our father in the middle of the night to join us with a hacksaw. In the meantime (we were waiting in the car), the thieves returned to the stolen bikes (there were 4 bikes attached here with the same anti-theft devices).

How did you react when you saw them?

We called the police again, who were delighted to catch them in less than 3 minutes! One of them had the key to the lock on him, he was taken into custody (already known for bike theft and sexual assault).

How did it all end?

I joined the police station with my bike to file a complaint and prove that it was indeed my bike. The theft took place at 9:05 pm on Thursday, December 10th… and my adventure ended on Friday, the 11th at 5:00 am when I finally got home with my property, to go to bed! In any case, thank you all for your great tool!

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* While the Mini Tracker is also suitable for this type of use, we nevertheless recommend using the Bike Tracker (with included reflector) to ensure the protection of your bike.



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