“Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality.”

– Eliyahu Goldratt

Sometimes you’re lucky and you can’t explain it, and sometimes luck just isn’t on your side. 

Most of us are lucky enough to not be victims of vehicle theft. Sadly, more than 700,000 Americains do fall victim each year. Whether it be your car, truck or campervan, theft can be gut wrenching. Discovering that your favorite ride on four wheels (or two) has been taken is not a pleasant surprise.

Only 60% of cars and 30% of motorcycles recovered after they’ve gone missing. There’s a not so insignificant chance you’ll be on the wrong side of vehicle theft one of these days. 

With all that said, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of theft. Proper preparation can give you peace of mind. Think about  keeping your car doors locked anytime you leave the vehicle, or you simply park indoors wherever possible. Some of us, like Ed, who you’ll hear about below, and the rest of Invoxia’s customers are more prepared than most.

How unlucky can one man be?

There are people with lucky streaks and then there are people like Ed who really. know what it feels like to be unlucky and lose a vehicle… not once, not twice but thrice. Ed realised that the only way he could protect his vehicle was to keep a closer eye on it. For that, he chose Invoxia’s Cellular GPS Tracker. 

“After I had my camper van stolen a couple times, I got the Invoxia GPS Tracker. It was stolen again but I was able to recover it right away thanks to the tracker. Positioning was really accurate so that we found the van easily with the police just an hour after it was stolen, before any damage was done to it. Really easy to use, battery life is ok (but check regularly to make sure you have enough) and easy to hide as it is really small.”

If you’re like Ed and you want to protect yourself and your favorite ride(s), start thinking about preparing for the worst before anything happens. 

We hope no one else has to go through what Ed’s gone through. 

Whether you’re like Ed and have already lived through a vehicle theft, or if you’d simply like to avoid the experience all together, Invoxia’s GPS Tracker offers peace of mind. Why don’t you try one now? If you have a story to share about how you found something or someone with one of our trackers, send us an email at marketingteam@invoxia.com or contact us via Facebook or Instagram. We would love to hear from you. 



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