Invoxia is reinforcing its range of GPS Trackers in the United States with the LongFi GPS Tracker. On sale from today, July 13th 2021.

The LongFi GPS Tracker by Invoxia is the first consumer tracker with intelligent anti-theft alerts on the market to be powered by Helium, the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network that compensates people with cryptocurrency for establishing and sharing hotspots. The game changing network provides a secure and cost-effective way for low-power Internet of Things (IoT) devices to send data to and from the internet without cellular infrastructure. 

Invoxia’s LongFi GPS Tracker offers unparalleled battery life of up to six months and comes out of the box with a 3-year subscription to tracking services.

What is Helium Network?

Helium is building the world’s largest decentralized wireless network, “The People’s Network”, to simplify connecting devices to the internet by rewarding anyone to become a network operator. With open source blockchain technology, individuals are incentivized to deploy Hotspots, which simultaneously mine the cryptocurrency HNT and provide LoRaWAN network coverage for hundreds of square miles. Helium Network has seen staggering growth since its inception with the number of hotspots having increased ten-fold since January 2020 to over 75,000 in June 2021.

For a brief introduction to The People’s Network, watch this short video: What’s Helium? Glad You Asked.

What makes Invoxia’s LongFi GPS Tracker special?

The LongFi GPS Tracker is a discreet and portable device that can be placed virtually anywhere, including pockets, gloveboxes, bags, and luggage for accurate tracking and protection. It connects with an accompanying app (iOS and Android) to allow people to monitor their belongings or vehicles and be alerted in real-time of suspicious activity.

By leveraging the innovative Helium Network, Invoxia’s LongFi Tracker allows people to keep track of their valuables from anywhere without needing their smartphone nearby. A full complement of intelligent sensors mean users will receive real-time updates when their items are moved, tampered with or taken outside of designated areas; all while free from expensive cellular plans and difficult to cancel contracts. Protecting valuables and vehicles from theft has never been easier. There’s no SIM card to activate, and for the first three years, no subscription fees to pay. What’s more, you’ll hardly ever have to recharge 

The tracker has a host of advanced features, an extended six-month battery life, and uses a novel combination of radio and sensor technology to allow it to work both indoors and outdoors. The LongFi GPS Tracker is ideal for keeping cars, bikes, motorcycles, and scooters safe or locating often misplaced valuables like bags, luggage, backpacks, and more.

Top features include: 

  • GPS Tracking – Visualize the exact location of vehicles or valuables at any time within the companion app. Location data can be requested any time or sent every 3, 5 or 10 minutes when on the move.
  • History – See the precise route of the LongFi GPS Tracker during any time period.
  • Anti-Theft Alerts – Receive notifications in real-time when an item is moved or suspicious activity is detected. Alerts can be triggered by moving an item or by gentle vibrations such as lock tampering.
  • SOS button – Emergency button feature helps notify an individual if their loved one is in trouble through a push notification or can be customized using IFTTT. 
  • Geofencing Alerts – Set geographic areas in companion app to be notified when LongFi GPS Tracker enters or leaves the security zone.
  • Proximity Radar and Ringer – Access hot/cold proximity radar on a smartphone or make it ring  to find valuables more easily inside and outdoors. 
  • IFTTT Compatibility – Connect the LongFi GPS Tracker to favorite connected products and services to automatically trigger actions.

“With support from Helium, we are able to expand our product offerings to utilize the exciting technology of LongFi that is changing the way IoT devices connect. The Invoxia LongFi GPS Tracker has reliable and secure, out-of-the-box connectivity thanks to Helium’s vast network. It allows people to keep track of their valuables from their phone, receiving real-time updates when their items are moved, tampered with or taken outside of designated areas. All while free from expensive cellular plans and difficult to cancel contracts.” – Amélie Caudron, CEO of Invoxia.

For all the details about the LongFi GPS Tracker including purchasing, click here.

The LongFi GPS Tracker is available directly on and through CalChip Connect 

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