Many of you have asked for it, and our team of engineers has worked hard to make it happen. Smart Alert, the new mode that makes your tracker even smarter, is finally available! An overview of this new feature, now available for all our GPS trackers. Remember to update your Invoxia GPS application and activate the feature in your settings to enjoy it!

With Smart Alert, your GPS tracker becomes even smarter

Smart notifications, for better protection

With Smart Alert mode, you only receive the notifications that are really useful.

Indeed, as soon as you are near the vehicle or protected object, your GPS tracker will not bother you with unwanted motion alerts. But as soon as you move away, all anti-theft alerts (shock, unusual movement, zone crossing) will be reactivated. Thus, you are protected only when you really need it!

Say goodbye to unnecessary alerts

How does it work in practice?

If you go for a ride with your GPS tracker in your vehicle and your smartphone in your pocket, you will not receive any anti-theft alerts as long as you are on the road. But as soon as you park and leave the vehicle, your tracker will start sending you notifications in case of suspicious movements or attempted theft. Easy, right?

No worries: when Smart Alert mode is active, your GPS tracker continues to report its position every 2, 5, or 10 minutes (depending on the configuration). The complete history of your movements will also always be accessible. This way, you don’t lose any information.

Lost Mode, your best ally in case of theft

lost mode screenshots

If you lose your tracker with the Smart Alert feature activated, it will now be easier to find it thanks to Lost Mode.

Lost Mode is ideal if you need to urgently locate a lost or stolen object. When activated, this mode increases the update frequency of your tracker. This allows you to have a more detailed travel history and more precise tracking.

In concrete terms, the position sending interval will be automatically maximized in order to have the shortest possible intervals. And if your tracker remains immobile, its position will be sent every 2 hours instead of 4 hours.

Update your Invoxia GPS app now

To fully enjoy the Smart Alert feature, your tracker requires the latest update. How to do it? Nothing could be simpler!

  1. Bring your tracker close to your phone and open the Invoxia GPS app.
  2. Select your tracker from the list, and you will only have to update it!
  3. Once the update is complete, activate the Smart Alert option from the settings of the Invoxia GPS app.

Any doubts? Any questions?

If the operation of your tracker or these new features is still unclear, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ. You will find many useful information and answers to the most common questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us via the Invoxia GPS app. Our support team is ready to help you!

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