Invoxia GPS trackers have shown a wide range of uses, each more surprising than the last. In 2021, they helped prevent hundreds of thefts and recover numerous vehicles and valuable objects. But that’s not all! Discover in this new article a retrospective of your most memorable testimonials from 2021.

Various uses, a common goal

The Invoxia trackers come in different models. The SIM card-free GPS Tracker is generally intended for vehicles, the Pet Tracker to better know your pet, the Bike Tracker to protect your bike, and finally the Mini Tracker to locate objects as small as they are precious. While the uses differ, they have a common mission: to make your life easier by sparing you the slightest stress. And this is confirmed in your feedback, both for classic uses and for more original needs!

If you missed our 2020 testimonial best-of, we did indeed share some anecdotes that related to particular uses of our GPS tags: tracking a crow or a mysterious case of theft of objects on graves are perfect examples. The cases of stolen cars, motorcycles, and bicycles that are found in just a few minutes are now numerous, and are also to be discovered here. And again this year, many of you have shared your experiences with us!

GPS Trackers: an asset to help law enforcement

As many vehicle owners have experienced during thefts, the presence of an Invoxia GPS tag greatly facilitates police investigations. Indeed, the ability to access the location and movement history of the stolen vehicle allows the police to intervene more easily and quickly than usual. If you notify the police within hours of your vehicle’s disappearance, the presence of the tracker will allow them to act immediately and catch the thieves in the act. Their actions on the ground are then simplified and the police need less authorization to intervene. Invoxia teams are also available to assist them in their investigations by providing more precise and complete data. Here are some examples.

In the heart of a police chase with thieves

The Invoxia GPS Tracker plunged one of its users into action when the police began searching for his vehicle. He tells:

Hello, thank you for your testimony. To start, how did you notice the theft of your motorcycle?

“I went to the cinema on my motorcycle with my girlfriend to enjoy the latest James Bond movie. In the middle of the screening, “movement detected while stopped”. I thought it was nothing! Shortly after, the second alert: Change of inclination detected. At that moment, I realized that something was wrong, the motorcycle must have fallen, so I decided to leave the screening to go pick up the motorcycle. By the time I got out, the third notification: Movement detected near […]. Tough blow, I understood at that moment that it was a malicious act, that the motorcycle was stolen. I rushed and sadly noticed the absence of the motorcycle where I had left it.”

Terrible surprise! What did you do at that moment?

What happened next?

“I then discovered the “lost” mode of the tracker. Shortly after, a new position was reported, and the following ones were reported much faster. The three brigades then relaunched and two individuals pushing my motorcycle with a scooter were identified! A chase ensued, which I followed by phone, both very worried and full of hope. The engines roared again, the sirens wailed. Quickly, the thieves were apprehended and the motorcycle recovered.”

One can imagine your relief!

“Thanks to your product, I was not only able to recover my stolen motorcycle (I am not insured against theft, as it was beyond my means, I still have €2500 in repairs to do on the motorcycle following the theft, but this is much less than the damage I would have suffered if the motorcycle had completely disappeared), but also the area is, for a little while at least, a bit safer for parked motorcycles. When I went to the police station to file a complaint, all the officers were very curious about the tracker, they told me that it was much more efficient than the solutions sometimes proposed elsewhere. In short, a thousand thanks, I won’t be walking for the moment! I apologize if the story is a bit clumsy or too long. But I absolutely wanted to share it with you, your product rocks!”

« One Sunday morning, I discovered that my vehicle parked on the public road in front of my home had been stolen. I was surprised that I had not been alerted by the vehicle alarm or the Invoxia application: I realized that I had not activated the Invoxia alerts in the Repos app on my iPhone! However, I was able to access the location of my vehicle since it was stolen at 2:59 am. »

And then?

« When I filed a complaint, I informed the police officer of the address where my Invoxia tracker was located, thinking that perhaps it had been discovered by the thieves. The police in the city where my tracker was located were informed and sent a patrol. I do not have the details of the police operation on site, but on Monday afternoon, I received a call informing me that my vehicle had been found in a container (with 3 other stolen vehicles) ready to be loaded onto a truck bound for a French port, then to Africa. The police informed me that thanks to the location of the Invoxia tracker, I was able to provide a relatively precise address, which allowed them to dismantle a network of stolen car trafficking! »

We have just seen that Invoxia GPS trackers are of great help to law enforcement, as they allow them to facilitate their investigations and interventions. But even for more specific needs, Invoxia GPS trackers allow you to gain peace of mind.

GPS Trackers protect musical instruments

A Mini Tracker user reported using it to protect his precious musical instruments from theft. The small and particularly ergonomic format of the tag allows it to slip everywhere. Discreet and easy to hide, it is very interesting to ensure that your valuables are safe.

Hello, what do you use your GPS trackers for?

“I have been using 3 trackers for about 2 years directly in my musical instrument cases (guitar and violin). Since they lock, the instrument itself is protected, unless someone takes the time to break the lock, but usually thieves don’t do that on the spot.”

In what conditions is the tracker useful to you?

“Firstly, at home to keep them safe and protect them from theft. And when I’m at a concert, it allows me to leave them calmly in the dressing rooms. In addition to the protection itself, there is a psychological aspect of feeling more serene when leaving the instruments, which is appreciable. So far, I have never had any location failures, the settings and the app are simple and above all the autonomy is very long (several weeks to several months even). No real-time position tracking, which is clearly stated, but this is not the goal, and this type of operation is quite sufficient in case of theft. I plan to acquire another one for the same use.”

An abusive mechanic?

When you take your car to the garage and it stays there for several days, you are far from suspecting that it can be used without your consent. However, this is the observation made by a user of a GPS Tracker: the mechanic used it to make trips between the workshop and his home, at the expense of his client!

“I bought the tracker in 2019. Initially, like many, it was a means of locating my vehicle in case of theft. This week, I realized that my mechanic was driving my car home, two nights in a row. Since they hadn’t informed me, I asked them to justify these trips, which were actually made by the workshop manager, who wanted to test the operation after repairs, both cold and hot. The garage is now aware that the vehicle is geo-located and I think that in the future, they will be careful with what they do with my car!”

GPS Trackers to know everything about your pet

Many families who own a cat are afraid that it might be in danger. Being able to track the movements of your pet when it goes out for a walk is particularly reassuring. But beyond this aspect, the Pet Tracker is also and above all a way to learn more about the habits and behavior of your animal. An educational and fun aspect for children, as well as for adults, to discover their furry ball like never before!

“Today we have over a year of experience with this GPS that allows us to track our cat anytime and thus reassure ourselves. We also loved discovering his territory and his diurnal and nocturnal lifestyles! So it is above all a means of letting our cat go out whenever he wants in complete serenity but also of learning about the life of cats via the rather well-made app! The tracker fits very well on his collar and has never bothered our cat, at least he has never shown any signs of discomfort.”

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